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RD Laing Radio Series

Excerpts from the radio documentaries

Here are excerpts from the three part program  


From Part 1: The Lies of Love   A sketch of Laing.  This is a six minute excerpt from a 57 minute program.

This excerpt begins with Laing's story of a naked woman on a couch, followed by an introduction by the series host Lister Sinclair and recollections of Laing's impact in the 1970s  by psychologist Patricia Wilensky . 

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From Part 2   The Man Who Walked Backwards   Stories and dialogues.  In this three minute excerpt  from a 57 minute program a young woman, in conversation with Laing in front of an audience, describes her anxieties. Laing discusses his approach to working with people who want help but are  frightened by other people.

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From Part 3  Dreaming In Color.  Is this dangerous?  Are we closing in on ourselves?  A one minute excerpt from a 57 minute program.

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