Films & Video

Pride and Prejudice


Producer / Director
Gary Marcuse

Senior Producer
Sharon Lipovksy

Executive Producer
Roman Onufrijchuk

Tim Wanlin

Writer / Narrator

Gary Marcuse


George Colmer
John Dowell
Dennis Joyal
Roger McGrath
Ross Willows


George Colmer
Gerry Hughes
Ken McGrath
Lez Morrison

Graeme Coleman
John Sereda

Additional Editing
Ian Jenkins

Audio Post Production

Hugh Gordon


Michael Sagadore

Eric D. Wong Consulting

Special thanks to
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens
Staff and students at Vancouver Technical School and
Spectrum Secondary School
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver Police Department
Vancouver Museum
Murakami Centre
Raymond Salons
Vancouver Sun
Colin Preston

Hearts of Hate
Director  Peter Raymont
©1994 White Pine Productions, Toronto

The Last Harvest
Director   Linda Ohama
©1993 Last Harvest Productions Ltd.

Me, Mom and Mona
Director  Mina Shum
© Thoughts from the Asylum Inc.

Vancouver Public Library, Special Collections
British Columbia Provincial Archives
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Vancouver City Archives

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