Authors and Acknowledgments

This course has been produced by Face-to-Face Media Ltd. and the Jesuit Communications Project, with funding support from CHUM Ltd. and Citytv Vancouver.

Editorial Board: 

Neil Andersen, Barry Duncan, John Pungente, SJ, Carolyn Wilson, Carol Arcus

Contributing Writers:

  • British Columbia Association for Media Education (BCAME) : Dan Blake
  • Alberta Association for Media Awareness (AAMA): Wayne Blair
  • Media Literacy Saskatchewan (MLS): Bob Pace
  • Manitoba Association for Media Literacy (MAML): Brian Murphy
  • Ontario Association for Media Literacy (AML):  Neil Andersen, Barry Duncan, Ian Esquivel, John Pungente, SJ, Carolyn Wilson
  • Association for Media Education Quebec (AMEQ):  Maureen Baron, Lee Rother
  • Media Literacy Nova Scotia (MLNS):  Peter Smith
  • Association for Media Literacy New Brunswick (A4MLNS): Mike Gange
  • Association for Media Literacy Newfoundland and Labrador:  Alex Hickey, Rene Wicks

Producer: Face to Face Media (Vancouver)  Betsy Carson, Gary Marcuse

Producer: The Jesuit Communication Project (Toronto)  John J. Pungente, SJ

Virtual Teacher Centre (St. John's)  Alex Hickey, Brian Pittman

Clearances:  Paula Sawadsky

Project Manager:  Carolyn Wilson

Field Testing:  Thanks to the 40 teachers in Vancouver, London, Toronto and St. John’s who took part in the summer 2007 field testing.

Funding:  Citytv Vancouver and CHUM Television