Environmental organizations in China


  Chinese Environmental Organizations 
Link Environmental Education Media Project (Lessons from the Loess Plateau)
Link Friends of Nature ( Liang Xiaoyan)
Link Gansu Green Camel Bell
Link Global Village Beijing
Link Green Earth Volunteers (Wang Yongchen)
Chinese Green Watershed (Yu Xiaogang)
Link Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) (Ma Jun)  China Water Pollution Map
English  Ministry of Environmental Protection, PRC
Chinese Wild China Film (Shi Lihong and Xi Zhinong)
English Article  Wild China Film article on Xi Zhinong in China Daily 
  International Organizatations and Forums 
Link China Environment Forum
Link GreenPeace East Asia
Link Nature Conservancy in China
Chinese (HK) Oxfam in China
English Article  
Link Suzuki Foundation 
Link Suzuki Foundation  Four Great Rivers Project in Tibet 
Link WWF  World Wildlife Federation in China
Link  Directory of Environmental Organizations and Environmental Government Agencies in China