Reviews and Interviews


15 August  Interview with Director Gary Marcuse about the doc and the  Grantham Award for Environmental Journalism


 7 March  Interview on KTSF San Francisco (Mandarin programming)  here

6 March  Audience  reviews and Gary Marcuse at the San Francisco Green Film Festival  here

16 October   Fernando Fernandez  podcast a 4 min interview with Gary Marcuse from the Planet in Focus festival awards night on FernTV 

                      Listen to the interview here

10 October 2011  CBC Radio "On the Coast" interview with Director Gary Marcuse   Listen to the interview  here

9 October Vancouver Sun Interview with Director Gary Marcuse View PDF

Reviews and News

 4 July   Recording Green Tiger's First Roars   China.Org  here

 1 July Shanghai Daily review of Waking the Green Tiger at the Shanghai International Film Festival here

    Photo of award recipients Shi Lihong (on video) Betsy Carson and Gary Marcuse at the Press Center in Washington DC  here

7 June China Daily (USA) reports Waking the Green Tiger gets Grantham Award here

   Photograph of award winners Shi Lihong, Betsy Carson and Gary Marcuse in Washington DC here

23 April  Writers Guild of Canada award for Best Documentary Script    Chinese language article  here

23 April   Waking the Green Tiger wins Writers Guild of Canada award for best documentary script 2012  here

29 Feb   ABC News review of Waking the Green Tiger  at the San Francisco Green Film Festival   " the perfect balance between information and entertainment,
condensing several decades of history into a rousing portrait of China’s emerging green movement.
"   Read more

29 November

James Bawden: Waking The Green Tiger Is Great TV
Directed by Vancouver film maker Gary Marcuse and narrated by David Suzuki Waking The Green Tiger has its TV premiere on The Nature of things Thursday ...
Go-green Protest Grows in China -
That's just one of the provocative, subversive and downright surprising questions raised in Waking the Green Tiger, a stirring documentary by a Vancouver ...

 26 October   Cultural Mining Review  View PDF

17 October  Toronto Film Scene review   View PDF

17 October  Waking the Green Tiger best at Planet Fest.  View PDF

12 October  Vancouver Sun mini-review  View PDF

10 October  North American Association of Asian Professionals sponsor PIF screening.  View PDF

7 October   The Tyee  review article    View PDF

6 October  Georgia Straight  "Waking the Green Tiger eco paws China"  View PDF

3 October  Vancouver Province "BC Filmmakers Travel the Globe for Untold Stories" View PDF

2 October  WWF Canada link to blog 

29 September 加国导演马库斯拍中国环保纪录片 掀起绿色运动 View PDF

29 September  Philippine Asian News review  View PDF

28 September  Independent Film Reviews link    

28 September  Vancouver Province mini-review

12 September 11    Syndicated interview with David Suzuki about the upcoming season on  CBC The Nature of Things    View PDF

12 September  11   Catalogue entries for the Vancouver International Film Festival  View PDF

8 September  Epoch Times article translated from Mandarin  View PDF