Further Reading

Additional articles and books about China's environmental crisis, green movement, and dam projects on the Jinsha (Upper Yangtze) and Nu (Salween) Rivers



Author or Source                        Subject or Title                       Link
Judith Shapiro

Mao's War Against Nature

Cambridge  University Press   2001

 more here
Ma Jun China's Water Crisis                                            EastBridge  2004 Website link
Elizabeth Economy

The River Runs Black                                                    Cornell University Press 2004

Website Link
Elizabeth Economy China's Environmental Movement   Testimony before the Congressional Executive Commission on China Roundtable on Environmental NGOs in China. Council on Foreign Relations  2005 PDF here
Vice Minister, Ministry of Environmental Protection Pan Yue Top Ten Environmental Stories for 2010 PDF here
Pan Yue  (then deputy director of SEPA) China's Environmental Suicide, a Government Minister Speaks Out   2005  from Der Spiegel 2005  PDF here
 Pan Yue  (then deputy director of SEPA)  The Rich Consume and the Poor Suffer the Pollution   2006 PDF here
 Liu Jianqiang  China's Environmental Crisis  2007  PDF here
Friends of Nature  Wang Yongchen, Environmentalist With a Vision  PDF here
Yu Xiaogang Impact of the Manwan dam on farmers, a study  2002 PDF here
Jim Yardley Seeking a Public Voice on China's “Angry River”  New York Times 2005  PDF here
Antoaneta Bezlova China Reins in Dam Builders IPS News Agency 2009  PDF here
International Rivers Factsheet on proposed dams for Jinsha (Upper Yangtze) river  2009  PDF here
Ge Quanxiao " The Relationship Between Dam Construction and the Rights of Original Inhabitants to Participation"  Statement by a farmer from the Upper Yangtze at a UN meeting on dams in Beijing   2004 PDF here
International Rivers China Scraps Tiger Leaping Gorge Dam  December 2007 PDF here
China Daily report Official White Paper on Environmental Protection  "Environmental Protection in China  1996-2005" PDF here
Probe International   Earthquake Risk for dams in Southwest China  2008 PDF here
15 YEARS IN REVIEW, 1994-2008
PDF here