High resolution photos

Hi resolution photos and graphics. Use is restricted to reviews, festival publicity and publications, and publicity relating to broadcast and other screening

of Waking the Green Tiger.  Photo credits required. Please credit Face to Face Media unless otherwise indicated on the jpeg file.

All other uses: permission is required contact:  Betsy Carson carson@facetofacemedia.ca or Gary Marcuse marcuse@facetofacemedia.ca

Waking the Green Tiger: higher resolution images for festivals and reviewers
Trailer,  1 min 50 seconds   Small format (4 megs) for email use Download
Photo collage #2  Mao, farmers, monkey, logo  JPG 3mb Download
Photo collage #3  with three production images, monkey, Mao, and logo Download
Collage element : Farmers at the Manwan Dam  JPG 215K Download
Collage element: Woman who lost her land at Manwan  JPG 930K Download
Collage element: Golden Monkey  JPG 2mb Download
Collage element: Mao as the Sun poster  JPG 3mb Download
Logo: Waking the Green Tiger  1600x1800 JPG 660K Download
Director Gary Marcuse head and shoulders JPG 80k Download
Director Gary Marcuse portrait Download
Director Gary Marcuse with Naxi villagers in Yunnan JPG 4mb Download
Director Gary Marcuse with DOP Rolf Cutts in Lashihai, Yunnan   4 mb Download
Filmmaker Shi Lihong at editing bench 1mb
Filmmaker Shi Lihong, head and shoulders 2 mb Download
Filmmaker Shi Lihong and wildlife cinematographer Xi Zhinong, Wild China Films 3.5 mb
Farmers in courtyard at screening of documentary, Upper Yangtze 275k Download
Farmers and activists collaborate   850 k Download
Post Card or e-card  generic (add your screening info) Front side 300 dpi PDF 4mb Download
Post Card or e-card  generic (add your screening info) Back side 300 dpi PDF 5mb Download
Poster: Mountains, mist and houses with title 300 DPI 11x17 inches  (28x44cm) PDF 3mb  Download
Crew and characters group shot on location, Tiger leaping gorge (see jpeg for names) 2mb download
Fading portrait of Mao in Beijing, 2010, photo credit Gary Marcuse 2mb Download
Tiger Leaping Gorge  photo credit Ma Jun  1.2 MB Download
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey (single)  2 meg  Credit Xi Zhinong Wild China Film Download
 Golden Snub Nosed Monkey (mother and baby)  5 meg Credit Xi Zhinong Wild China Film  Download

These photos are cleared for publication in conjunction with reviews and screenings of Waking the Green Tiger

Contact: Gary Marcuse   marcuse@facetofacemedia.ca