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Pride and Prejudice : Summary of Contents 
Person or event  Elapsed time  Description 
Introduction    Intro collage of opinion 
Van Tech. part 1  5 min  Van Tech intro, Hearts of Hate excerpt re Heritage Front, Dave, Discussion of Dave 
    Biftu and Fariesha discuss racism in the school 
Colonial history    1866 'Aborigines' lose right to pre-empt land 
Legislation    1872 Indians lose right to vote
1884 Potlatch law bans gatherings. 
Aboriginal title    Nisga'a land committee vs. Trutch 
Legislation    Chinese head tax" $50 then raised to $500 "
1914 Komagata Maru  10 min  Komagata Maru story / Ujjal Dosanjh interview 
Legislation    1918 Footage 1917 Women win the right to vote 
KKK 1920s    White supremacists in the 1920s 
1930s  15 min  Anglo-Canadian pageantry, visit of King and Queen 
WW II    News headlines about Japanese curfew, deportations 
Kevin Griffin    Vancouver Sun, Kevin Griffin interview 
Japanese Internment 20 min  Linda Ohama, Last Harvest excerpt 
POST WAR    Vancouver Diamond Jubilee 
Legislation    Japanese, Chinese rights sought
Aboriginal vote, Potlatch law dropped 
Lorna Williams  25 min  Lorna Williams describes Vancouver in the 1950s 
Yvonne Brown    Yvonne Brown discusses color hierarchies 
Legislation    1969 Hate propaganda outlawed 
Hayne Wai  30 min  Chinese immigration,Chinatown history 1950s 
Yvonne Brown    Yvonne Brown, arrival in 70s , 
KKK    Klan Rally 1981 near Vancouver 
Legislation    1981 Hate propaganda outlawed 
Van Tech Part 2  35 min  Vancouver Technical School Hearts of Hate excerpt 2: hate rock band in Surrey   Class discussion 
Paul Orlowski    Icons of 'hate groups' discussions with student about symbols 
Legislation    1982 Canadian Constitution protects individual and aboriginal rights 
Richmond Collage    Airport, Richmond Salon 
Archival / Immigration  40 min  Canada's Gateway to the Orient
1950s immigration, 
Diversity: Hair Salon    New Chinatown, Hair Salon 
Diversity: VanCity    Commercial Drive, VanCity
New generation of cross-cultural youth 
Mina Shum  45 min  Mina Shum, Me Mom and Mona excerpt multiculturalism inside a family 
Legislation    1993 Multiculturalism Act 
Dating discussion  50 min  Ujjal Dosanjh on dating 
Van Tech Part 3    Van Tech discussion part 3: cross cultural dating 
Court ruling    1997 Supreme Court of Canada affirms aboriginal land title 
Aboriginal title    Nisga'a delegation at BC legislature 
Diversity: Police  55 min  Multicultural police work in Vancouver; team work is the key 
Summaries    Concluding remarks Hayne Wai, Lorna Williams, Ujjal Dosanjh, Yvonne Brown, Van Tech Student