Project Chariot, the Alaska harbour plan is the subject of a “Virtual Classroom” that contains many more sites:
See also an extended account in O'Neill, Dan. The Firecracker Boys. St Martin's Press, 1994.

Nevada Test Site
Department of Energy tour of NTS:
Federation of Atomic Scientists: Underground Testing at NTS:

Nuclear Tests: Trinity, Gnome, Gasbuggy, Sedan etc.
Bureau of Atomic Tourism:
Seattle Times list:
Sedan crater:
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection:
A meteor crater similar in size to some of the proposed excavations by Project Plowshare is found at:

US Department of Energy / Science and Technology sites
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories:
National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center:
Occupational radiation exposure standards:
DOE Human Radiation Experiments site: (or)
DOE declassified document sources:

Nuclear Disarmament treaties
Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963, Kennedy’s speech:
Text of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) of 1996
Federation of Atomic Scientists: History and Analysis of treaties:

Stanford University Article and links:
Scientific American:

Ex USSR nuclear technologies
Article on Radiation from Chagan and other experiments:
Chagan, and History of Soviet Weapons program:
General information:

Atomic Culture sites
Atomic Cafe homepage:
Broderick, Mick “From Atoms to Apocalypse : Film and the Nuclear Issue”