SCANNING TELEVISION, A classroom resource for grades 7-12

Award winning classroom resource

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 Normally priced at $250 to $400 the kit, including 2 DVDs and four copies of the teaching guide is now available for $89 plus S&H ($15 in Canada). Public performance rights are included. DVDs include optional English subtitles. We guarantee satisfaction.

Scanning Television Second Edition includes  5 hours of video in 51 short clips and four copies of the 96 page teaching guide.

The guide was written by media educators Neil Andersen, Kathleen Tyner, and John J. Pungente, SJ.

Reviewed by Carolyn Wilson
Instructor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and Past President of the Association for Media Literacy.

Scanning Television 2 remains an excellent resource for any teacher interested in media literacy and in providing opportunities for students to think critically about the media.  This award-winning resource includes material that encourages students to think critically about how media texts are produced and how messages and values conveyed through them, as well as how audiences respond to–and are targeted by—media texts.  

The Scanning Television set includes 2 DVDs containing 5 hours of video material that is copyright cleared and commercial free, and 4 copies of a detailed, 96 page teacher’s guide which is ready for classroom use.  The DVDs include 51 different clips, organized according to 5 themes: Media and Representation, Global Citizenship, Media Environments, New and Converging Technologies, and Selling Images and Values.

The video material is wide ranging and relevant, from news coverage of 9/11and public service announcements on anti-racism, to the evolution of digital technology and the use of pop stars in advertising. The resource is suitable for the secondary level and includes clips that are also appropriate for the elementary level.  The collection is a few years old, so don’t expect a strong focus on social media, but even so, this is still a classic resource that you will definitely use time and time again, right across the curriculum.   Don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase this invaluable resource at an incredible price.