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Diving in British Columbia's Emerald Sea

The Underwater Council of BC maps 175 dive sites on Northern Vancouver Island to help protect them for future generations. You can help.


Protecting dive sites in British Columbia’s Emerald Sea

Northern Vancouver Island has the best cold water diving on the planet, some say. But who is protecting these ancient and beautiful sites for the future?  The UCBC has just submitted a report to the Marine Planning Partnership which is documenting precious marine resources from Campbell River to the Haida Gwaii. The dive site report, written for the UCBC by Gary Marcuse, features the photos and videos of Paul Sim and Rob Roy.  The report shows how rare and beautiful these sites are.  You can download the report and view the dive sites, below.  

Why map dive sites?

The purpose of the Marine Planning Partnership is to map the many uses and precious resources of the region, to help plan for protection in the future.  Last fall the UCBC appealed to the Partnership to include dive sites in their inventory.  We argued that divers are like bird watchers: follow them and they will lead you to the most spectacular and rich marine habitat on the coast which should be protected for future generations.   The commission agreed and we set to work, pulling together 20 years worth of old studies and adding new information from local divers, dive books, biologists and dive operators who are listed in the report. 

You can help

Divers have an important role to play, protecting these sites for the future.  If you know of more dive sites, from Campbell River north, that don’t appear on our map. please contact researcher Gary Marcuse and add your information to this growing database of BC marine resources.


You can see the sites we’ve logged to date at this interactive map, maintained by the Living Oceans Society  here

Download the 16 page report and enjoy the photos of Rob Roy and Paul Sim here

To add more dive sites or to view the 200 page appendix please contact researcher Gary Marcuse

Website for the Underwater Council of British Columbia

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 Warbonnet photo by Rob Roy