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Searching for Sacred Mountain

Could traditional Tibetan culture hold the key to a greener future for China?

A 20 minute video presented by Face to Face Media and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

 Co-directed by Gary Marcuse (Waking the Green Tiger, A Green Movement Rises in China) and Shi Lihong (Voice of an Angry River) winners of the 2014 China Green Film Award.

Featuring journalist Liu Jianqiang,  Tibetan lamas Tashi Sange and Qiamei Rinpoche, conservation biologist  Dr. Lu Zhi and sinologist Martin Palmer.  Narrated by PBS correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro.  

Synopsis In the midst of a growing environmental crisis in China, journalists , filmmakers and scientists discover clean air, green mountains, wild animals and an ancient network of ecological reserves maintained by Tibetan Buddhists in the mountains of southwestern China. 

In order to understand why her atheist friends are becoming Tibetan Buddhists, Shi Lihong takes a camera crew to a remote Tibetan monastery.  There she discovers the Tibetans' commitment to protecting all life around their sacred lakes and mountains,  part of a tradition of environmental protection that has been sustained for centuries. 

This video may be downloaded for educational use.  Please notify us if you use it.

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